Game Development Journey — The importance of building a solid Team

By August 30, 2023Games

Hel­lo my friends!

In this blog post I would like to write about the impor­tance of build­ing a sol­id team from the start of your jour­ney and how this helped us to pub­lish new games every year with­out inter­rup­tions dur­ing the last 10 years.

The fun­da­men­tal aspect for our com­pa­ny is that in the last 10 years the core team has nev­er changed and that all the new mem­bers added and trained to work on the new games have nev­er been replaced.

Anoth­er key ele­ment that I think led to our com­pa­ny suc­cess is that we tend to place more impor­tance on the well-being of indi­vid­ual team mem­bers than on the projects themselves.

Of course that does­n’t mean that we neglect our projects, but if there are any dif­fi­cul­ties dur­ing devel­op­ment, we try to meet the needs of the team.

Time in game devel­op­ment is also a fun­da­men­tal aspect: being able to release a new game in a short time is essen­tial in today’s mar­ket. If you keep chang­ing team mem­bers, I think it’s impos­si­ble to meet the games release times giv­en that even new mem­bers will have to adapt to the com­pa­ny’s work­flow and obtain all the nec­es­sary skills for every new project.

As an exam­ple, one of our most suc­cess­ful games of the past year “Sui­cide Guy VR” for PlaySta­tion VR, had a devel­op­ment time of just 6 months. This would­n’t have been pos­si­ble with­out a sol­id team that worked already on the non VR edition.

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the short devel­op­ment time cer­tain­ly helped the game to be released in the best peri­od and able to sell tens of thou­sands of copies in few months.

In short, the secret key is: bring­ing togeth­er an amaz­ing group of peo­ple towards a com­mon goal. This of course takes time but in the long term is total­ly worth it.

I hope this blog post will help you build­ing a bet­ter team!
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