Suicide Guy — Post Mortem (1 Year later)

By July 9, 2018Games

Hel­lo my friend!
We would like to share with you what went right and wrong after our lat­est release Sui­cide Guy in this post mortem, 1 year after its release on Steam



The game dur­ing its first year sold almost 30.000 copies on Steam only (Price 4.99 €)

With a rat­ing of 85/100 on Steam

Here a Pie chart of the sales:




The mar­ket­ing we’ve made is still con­stant, send­ing con­stant updates to the gamers to keep high the inter­est for the game.

The main web­sites where we mar­ket the game were:

1) Face­book

2) Insta­gram

3) Key­mail­er

4) Twit­ter

5) Youtube

6) Newslet­ter Emails

7) Steam (groups, pages etc)

8) Google Ad Words

9) Linkedin

10) Red­dit



The game has been launched even on con­soles (PS4 and Nin­ten­do Switch) sev­er­al months after the Steam release:


Nin­ten­do Switch:


With over 10.000 copies sold on each, but at a high­er price (7.99€)

Meta­crit­ic score on PS4: 70/100

Meta­crit­ic score on Nin­ten­do Switch: 55/100


The rat­ing was low­er on Nin­ten­do Switch main­ly due to per­for­mance issues and long load­ing times




Sui­cide Guy has been in con­stant devel­op­ment with new Updates, bug fix­es and new content

And since the game sold well, we’ve decid­ed to release a new chap­ter of the game called Sleepin’ Deeply on Steam (Soon on Console):


Which sold over 2.000 copies in the first month.




In the end the game release and feed­back from the pub­lic were great and it helped us to con­tin­ue the devel­op­ment of the game.
We’re actu­al­ly work­ing on the Xbox One release and the new chap­ter con­sole release.

Since the game went well we’re actu­al­ly think­ing of new lev­els and chap­ters that we would like to release in the future, so expect new con­tent com­ing soon!