Woodle Tree – 45.000 copies sold in one year!, thank you so much :)

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Hello my friends,
We’re happy to announce that today that Woodle has reached a total of 45.000 copies sold on Steam!

Thank you so much for this incredible number. Thanks your support, I and my friends will be able to continue to develop and publish new games.

Here a taste of our next games in development:


Screenshot 2015-02-23 20.19.06



Screenshot 2015-08-03 09.48.30

The Way of Life
This exploration game has 3 main characters: a business man, an old man and a child. They find themselves on a road which is apparently the same, but changes upon their perception of reality.


with love,
Chubby Pixel team

Humble Flash Bundle: So Cute! Woodle is in it!

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I’m super happy to announce that Woodle Tree is in the new Humble Flash Bundle!

This bundle lasts only 24 hours, so hurry up!
you’ll get 4 other great games with it:
TokiTori 2+, Triple Town, Girls Like Robots and Where is My Heart.

There lasts months were great, since the launch day (On 9th of June), Woodle has sold over 4000 copies!
if you would like to know more about the game development and marketing, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll write a new long post about it.



Update 1.95 Available!

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This new update features:

– Camera control! (you can now change the camera distance, let us know if you like how it is now)

– a whole new world! (an underwater world)

– a new item to unlock!

– …and minor bug fixes.

We hope you’ll like the new updates, let us know what you would like to see in the next one!