Humble Flash Bundle: So Cute! Woodle is in it!

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I’m super hap­py to announce that Woo­dle Tree is in the new Hum­ble Flash Bun­dle!

This bun­dle lasts only 24 hours, so hur­ry up!
you’ll get 4 oth­er great games with it:
Tok­i­Tori 2+, Triple Town, Girls Like Robots and Where is My Heart.

There lasts months were great, since the launch day (On 9th of June), Woo­dle has sold over 4000 copies!
if you would like to know more about the game devel­op­ment and mar­ket­ing, don’t hes­i­tate to ask, I’ll write a new long post about it.



Contest catch the berries!

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 Con­test catch the berries starts now!!! 

We hold a new con­test, and the PRIZE is this Woo­dle hand­made pup­pet!
All you have to do is catch as many berries as you can in the game

And send us the screen­shot that shows the total of your berries at We’ll reward the play­er who cought the most!
Con­test ends the 16th of July.

let the catch begin! :)



Update 1.95 Available!

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This new update fea­tures:

- Cam­era con­trol! (you can now change the cam­era dis­tance, let us know if you like how it is now)

- a whole new world! (an under­wa­ter world)

- a new item to unlock!

- …and minor bug fix­es.

We hope you’ll like the new updates, let us know what you would like to see in the next one!